Wednesday Wraparound: Oh, we're talking Bachelor

Wednesday Wraparound: Oh, we're talking Bachelor

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Welcome back to the Wraparound. Took a week off last week, partially because of Local 12's collective goodbye to our colleague Brad Johansen. If you missed any of it, you can recap it here. I also had a very emotional (borderline embarrassing) goodbye to Brad last week as well.

So, thank you for bearing with me as I took a week off last week. Let's get back into it.

Yes, we are starting with the Bachelor

I didn't start watching The Bachelor until I started dating my girlfriend, who is now my fiancee. I'm not really proud of it at all, it's a guilty pleasure. This year, race car driver Arie Luyendyk, Jr. was the guy who had his pick of 29 women. It didn't go very well. To recap, Arie proposed to one girl (Becca), then decided he wanted to actually be with another girl (Lauren). He handled it pretty poorly.

Arie broke up with Becca after she "won" the show. Instead of doing it quietly and low-key, he did it in front of cameras. It didn't go well. Tuesday night, Arie proposed to Lauren on live TV and Becca was named the next Bachelorette. I'm glad you're still reading. I'm very sorry I'm doing this. But I say all that to say this:

Arie got raked over the coals for going back on a proposal, and also got smoked because some thought he used the same ring to propose to Lauren as he used to propose to Becca (it wasn't). Here's my thing, though. How do you expect one guy to date 30 girls for six weeks, fly all over the world with them, and then somehow snap back into the social construct we all accept as normal? If you're going to watch the Bachelor, you have to understand that NONE OF IT IS NORMAL. Not a single thing about the show is how life works at all-- so why do people get mad at the end when the guy changes his mind? Arie could have handled things better-- I'd like to think I would have if I were in his position-- but who knows? The show is tailored to his every whim.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Wednesday afternoon, I had a chance to catch up with Miami University football coach Chuck Martin (who just signed an extension to stay with the RedHawks) and he offered his thoughts on the show.

Coach Martin is the absolute best soundbyte in this area. He never is without an opinion.

Oh, there's a draft

Chuck Martin came from Notre Dame, and a lot of folks think that a ND player could be the Bengals selection at 12th overall in the NFL Draft. Offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey is the guy for the Bengals on a few mocks out there. In Richard Skinner's latest, he has Cincinnati pulling the trigger on Oklahoma offensive tackle Orlando Brown. Disclaimer: this mock was made before Brown had a historically bad combine.

I get that the Combine isn't the end-all-be-all, and I'd even say the numbers pulled from that event can be significantly overhyped. But... when you weigh 360 pounds and can't out-bench a dude with one arm?? That's a bad look.

Shaquem Griffin was maybe the story of the combine, for good reason. The dude with one arm dominated really every drill out there.

And really you can't talk about one-armed athletes without mentioning Jim Abbott, who once threw a no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians. With one arm. He threw a no-hitter.

Speaking of Cleveland and one-armed men, the inspiration for the TV show and movie "The Fugitive" was based on the murder case of Sam Sheppard, a Cleveland doctor accused of murdering his wife. Sports Illustrated recently had a long-form piece of Cleveland in 1954, in which the Sheppard murder played a prominent role. The article would detail how famed Browns quarterback Otto Graham was briefly a suspect in the murder case, and gained access to the murder scene before the police were able to secure it.

You serious?

Last weekend, the PGA Tour was at the WGC-Mexico Championship and it came down to a playoff between young upstart Justin Thomas and Phil Mickelson. The best part about sports is you never know when you might see something you've never seen before. In this case, a rogue photographer almost stepped on Justin Thomas's ball on the first playoff hole.

I don't think Thomas would ever admit it, but the incident rattled him a little bit. His pitch was left way short, and he pushed the putt that would have forced another playoff hole. The best part of the whole incident was the perceived lack of remorse the photographer had! The look on his face was as if to say "don't touch me, I got this, I saw the ball." That still photographer needs to take some cues from the NBC camera guy last year who artfully avoided a wayward shot at the Dell Technologies Championship.

I mean it doesn't get a lot better than that. Two cameraman incidents in golf in the last six months. Never know what you're going to see.

Hoops on hoops on hoops

There's really very little justice I can do in this space to what UC and Xavier have done this year. Both outright conference regular season champions. Both teams finishing with identical 27-4 records. The basketball is good and the living is easy in Cincinnati. I have to tip my cap to Richard Skinner, Rick Broering, and Chad Brendel. Every single week, twice a week, those three gents pump out a fantastic college basketball podcast. In between Brendel's cough counter and bashing on Skinny for calling shorts "summertime short pants" they give incredible insight into the game of basketball, not just the teams they cover. They know every set Mick Cronin and Chris Mack run, and they see the game differently than most fans (including me) do when they sit down to watch. Here's a link to their most recent offering. Worth the listen.

Has to be a joke

The Academy Awards were this past weekend. The Best Picture winner was "The Shape of Water" which was basically about a woman carrying on a romantic relationship with a fish. I thought "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" was a far superior movie. I also loved "Get Out." It is what it is, though, and sometimes the right movie doesn't win Best Picture. I was upset in the moment, but then the neverending parodies of "The Shape of Water" were so funny I couldn't be mad anymore.

That's just one, there are several more, some inappropriate to post here, but very funny.

Crying laughing

This is the funniest thing I saw on the internet this week.

This leads me to my book recommendation this week. Former Penn State player Tyler Smith put pen to paper on his crazy travels trying to chase a pro basketball dream. It's worth a read.


--The Minnesota Vikings may shatter the bank for Kirk Cousins

-- The WWE Hall of Fame class of 2018 is lackluster at best. Not a lot of star power, especially with the recent announcement that Hillbilly Jim is going in this year.

-- Bill Murray was randomly at a College of Charleston game.

-- Polar bears are on the way back!

That's it for the Wraparound this week. Do something nice for someone else in the next few days. See you next Wednesday.

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