Former UK, Highlands HS quarterback launches weight-loss project

Former UK/Highlands quarterback launches a weight loss project (WKRC)

FT. THOMAS, Ky. (WKRC) - Jared Lorenzen has always been big. “I came out of the womb at 13 pounds 3 ounces,” he said at a picnic table in Ft. Thomas’ Tower Park. But he didn’t know how big until he stepped on the scale a few months ago and saw he weighed 502.8 pounds.

“It terrified me to get on the scale. For me to see it was scary but to know there was a camera over my shoulder and that everybody was going to see it made my heart drop. It made me really kind of look at it and go, ‘Okay. Something’s up. Something’s got to change.’”

The camera was part of a promotional video for the project Lorenzen is launching to make that change. The Jared Lorenzen Project will be yearlong video log of his new training and diet regimen. Lorenzen is working with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson and nutritionist Dr. Phillip Golia. He will have a mobile trailer that will livestream his workouts. The 36-year-old father of two hopes to take the trailer to local schools and sporting events. His goal is to do his part to fight childhood obesity.

“Hey, get out there and be active. Have fun but don’t come home and eat a bunch of cookies and brownies. Let’s be smart. Eat some vegetables. It sounds simple and it is simple but I figure if you can get them younger it’s a lot easier to change their habits.”

Lorenzen has fought weight issues since he left Highlands High School in 1998 after winning two Kentucky state championships. As a quarterback at UK, he was required to regularly weigh in. That continued during a four-year stint as a backup quarterback in the NFL. He is quick to point out The Jared Lorenzen Project is not about weight loss; it’s about getting healthy.

“I’m on blood pressure medicine right now. My goal is to come off that. My goal is to find the right weight and stay healthy.”

Lorenzen says the project is set to kick off on September 16th when the trailer gets to Ft. Thomas. His old Highlands coach, Dale Mueller says he’s proud of Lorenzen and not surprised. “He is always a humble, team player and if he can do something for everybody else, that’s what he’s doing, “ Mueller said. “I think it’s tremendous. I think he’ll have a lifelong impact on a whole bunch of people.”

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