XU fans, team celebrate first 1 seed

Xavier University made history Sunday when the team got a 1 seed for the first time. (XU Athletics)

NORWOOD, Ohio (WKRC) — Xavier University made history Sunday when the team got a 1 seed for the first time. The Musketeers will play Friday in Nashville.

Xavier fans watched the Selection Sunday show at Delicio’s Pizza in Norwood. They cheered and clapped when Xavier was announced as a 1 seed.

“This has been a thrill and to think that we got a 1 seed, I mean, this is awesome. This is the first time for Xavier. How could you not be excited for us,” said Donna Faris, a longtime season ticket holder.

The news of a 1 seed was a pick-me-up after a disappointing loss to Providence on Friday.

“I would definitely say it’s a mix of nervous excitement since it’s a whole new territory for us. We play really well as an underdog so we’ve always seen that happen the last few years but to be on top is a whole new experience for us,” said Traci Garcia, a Xavier graduate and former cheerleader.

Head coach Chris Mack and his players found out about the team getting a 1 seed at a party at his house. He said it’s a reward for playing such a tough schedule. He said he’s focused on getting the team ready for Friday’s game.

“It’s not going to mean much when we play on Friday,” said Mack. He added that it was a restatement to the team’s talent and cohesiveness.

Forward Sean O’Mara, one of the seniors on the team, said they’re hopeful going into the tournament.

“I think we know we have more basketball to play. we have at least one more game to play and ideally we’d like to play six more,” O’Mara said.

Xavier made it to the Elite Eight last year. And this year the team has had a good season. Fans hope the team can keep the momentum going.

"I’d like to see them go all the way,” Faris said.

The Musketeers play Friday in Nashville. The team will play either NC Central or Texas Southern.

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