Cold weather, snow flurries coming to Tri-State

Cold weather, snow flurries coming to Tri-State (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Hope you enjoyed those temperatures in the 50s. That may be as warm as it gets for the next couple of weeks. Some areas northwest of Cincinnati may even see some snowflakes mixing in with the rain Friday morning.

Expect two big pushes of cold air the next few days. Local 12's Paul Poteet says the first will be Friday night into Saturday morning, with the prospect of chills in the teens by early Saturday. In addition there will be snow flakes flying. Local 12's Tera Blake believes there could be some accumulation in some parts with temperatures over 20 degrees below average, with a high in upper 30s and lows into the 20s.

There is a little temperature recovery Sunday and Monday, with showers firing up again later Monday. The second push of cold air arrives Monday night and keeps highs in the 30s on Tuesday and Wednesday. Flurries are possible again on Tuesday.

That's probably the first and best chance of any small amount snow that sticks this season.

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