Home efficiency initiative aims to save energy and environment, improve Cincinnati's image

An Example Of An Efficiency Audit From GetInspired.Org.

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Is your home as efficient as it could or should be? The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance launched a new initiative last week about your home efficiency, and they have a new tool to help you get an assessment.

"Basically, this tool asks roughly 30 questions in terms of their energy use. At first, how old their home is, how big is, how many people live in their house. Through that, basically the tool ask you specific questions on windows, what times of refrigerators you have, water usage, a whole bunch of questions to kind of figure out what your energy profile is," said Kevin Tolan, the Project Development Manager with the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance.

This tool shows residents their potential energy savings, but the Get Efficient initiative centers on getting the community educated and helping them manage the efficiency costs.

Jerry Schmits, the President and CEO of the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, explained, "The biggest thing that you're accomplishing is we're providing affordable financing for the everyday home owner so that they can overcome what might be the biggest barrier to investing in energy efficiency; by giving long-term, unsecured, and fixed financing, we're able to take what could be a large check that has to be cut and turning that into a low, affordable monthly payment."

Cincinnati City Council member PG Sittenfeld spoke on the initiative's benefits during last week's launch.

Sittenfeld said, "Not only can I do what is good for the environment; I can do what is good for my pocketbook. What an incredible tool. We look forward to evangelizing and spreading the word to as many people as possible."

The environmental and sustainably benefits to getting efficient are important, but the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance says being a more efficient city makes Cincinnati a more attractive city.

"They are looking at what are the cities doing, what are the areas doing, what are the social responsibilities of the areas I'm moving to. That is our reason for putting these programs in place: so we can create a more competitive business environment," said Schmits.

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