Local food hub connecting farmers to customers, helping environment through sustainability

Alice Chalmers, the General Manager of Ohio Valley Food Connection

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - "Everything is close in and on a smaller scale. That's what food hubs provide: a small scale but a closer, just-in-time type of process," says Alice Chalmers, the General Manager of Ohio Valley Food Connection.

The Ohio Valley Food Connection is a local food hub, connecting local farmers to local restaurants and residents. This distribution vehicle makes it easier to get great taste to the table.

Chalmers said, "That is one of the impediments to getting more local food...the time that it takes to market and to deliver. That's the part we are helping farmers with."

Loading locally-grown food straight from farmers into their trucks means the Ohio Valley Food Connection is giving chefs the quality ingredients they need faster while also reducing pollution and congestion.

"By not using up a lot of food miles or transportation, you're definitely impacting air quality. You're not using as much fuel and having as many cars on the road," explained Chalmers.

The Ohio Valley Food Connection isn't just connecting farmers with the community and helping to reduce the number of food miles; they are also having a big impact on the environment.

Chalmers said, "A lot of these organic and sustainable farmers are very careful about their water use. We've keeping a lot more farm land in production versus development. That's a huge impact for us. Part of the mission of our organization is to make it economically sustainable for farmers to keep and stay in business by giving them a market outlet."

Looking for sustainability from the farm to the truck to customer means you'll be helping the environment and local food economy.

"Look at where your food comes from. Ask where your food comes from, and you'll get better taste, nutrition, and you'll be helping your local farmers if you buy local," said Chalmers.

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