Local renewable energy company becoming net-zero, encouraging employees to go green

EV Car Charging Stations Outside of Melink Corporation

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - "We change the world one building at a time. That's our motto. All of our businesses are tied around buildings and saving energy in one way or another," said Sam Rayburn, the Director of Sales, Melink T&B.

Melink is a Milford-based firm focused on renewable energy and sustainability. Beginning as a HVAC test and balance service business in the late 1980s, the company developed a commercial kitchen product that got them thinking about energy-efficiency.

Rayburn explained, "That produce idles commercial exhaust systems down in times when they are not being used; otherwise, it's a terrible waste of energy."

As the company grew, the CEO was increasingly inspired by others going green, and built a net-zero, highly energy-efficient office building.

"In 2005, we built this. This is the first LEED Gold office building in the state of Ohio and certainly one of the greenest buildings in the area," said Rayburn.

Melink has invested heavily in solar to become a more sustainable organization, but they took it one step further: they invested in their employees and they put 24 EV charging stations out front, free for the employees to use.

By using their own building as a testbed - installing solar thermal systems, wind turbine, energy-saving coffee pots, a composting station, recycling bins, a green learning center, and a culture that encourages minimal energy use - they saw the first-hands benefit of solar, geothermal, and systems efficiency, and made it a core part of their business.

Bayburn said, "Our belief is that we want to walk the talk, and then as I said be able to show our cilents that we believe it, we live this way, and we think it is best for you as well."

They feel their business goals are not just unique but inspiring and motivating.

"We want to grow quickly to make a bigger impact. We have proven that we can grow as well as earn profit. We are a for profit company but also have a purpose, and that purpose is greater than any one of us: that is to change the world one building at a time by saving energy and reducing carbon footprint," explained Rayburn.

Through investments in the office, in their employees, and their clients, Melink feels they are helping the environment and making a difference.

Rayburn said, "I feel so good about good about doing something every day that makes a difference. That's a purpose to what I do. There's a great initiative beyond myself, and it's actually really, really inspiring."

Melink's 2016 sustainability report can be found here.

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