Local woman joins environmentally-friendly, sustainable delivery service

A Delivery Being Made By A Roadie Driver

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - "I drive for Lyft and Uber, I was looking for other part time jobs, and I saw Roadie. It kind of interested me, so I applied. A couple of days later I got accepted as a driver, and started hauling packages around," said Rhonda Fields-Hay of northern Kentucky.

Fields-Hay's job isn't one that has existed very long; she delivers packages through a service called Roadie.

Fields-Hay explained, "Roadie is a delivery service, and it's an on-the-way delivery service. So say I'm driving a passenger. I can actually pick up a package and if I'm heading that direction, I can take it with me."

The service helps people get items as small as keys and as large as a tiny house from one place to another. This isn't just a business story, though. Fields-Hay also sees what the service does for protecting the environment.

"That means you're not shipping things by a big truck that's going to use more gas and affect the environment and affect our air. We have enough pollution in the United States as it is. We don't need any added," said Fields-Hay.

While the extra money is a great reason to pick up gigs, Fields-Hay is doing a job that works to minimize the impact on the air we breathe and resources we use.

Fields-Hay added, "And it's sustainable. Anything that's going to keep us greener with on-the-way delivery. It's not just extra people; you're not paying an extra person to bring it right away."

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