Matthew 25 Ministries accepting donations for Harvey victims

Tri-State Residents Donating Goods at Matthew 25 Ministries

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - "We're getting ready to send supplies to the people that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey," Tim Mettey, the CEO of Matthew 25 Ministries.

Matthew 25 Ministries has been taking donations all day, and there's time to donate goods to those in southeast Texas.

Mettey explained, "Personal care, cleaning supplies, first aid, non-perishable food, water, diapers, formula; pretty much everything you would use on a daily basis are things we are collecting right now."

Mettey says there is more than one way to donate and those in need.

"They can give financially, they can give their time by volunteering at Matthew 25, or they can just give us some prayers," said Mettey.

Matthew 25 crews will be heading for Texas Tuesday, working to bring relief while also staying out of Harvey's way.

Mettey said, "The people that were impacted by the storm surge and the high winds, down in Rockport and places around there, we're going to go to those people first because they are farther south and then we're going to work our way up to places like Houston."

Whether it's a cash, time, or donation of goods, your support represents Cincinnati.

"We give them a lot of stuff, but we get a lot back from them. They look at us as hope that people care about them not just there in their community but all around the United States and all around the world," Metty explained.

Learn more about how and when to donate or volunteer with Matthew 25 Ministries at

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