Montgomery offering free recycling service to help residents, reduce landfill waste

A Recycling Worker Loading Recycling Bags Into A Truck

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - If you're a Montgomery resident and looking to get rid of clothes and small housewares, there's a new free, environmentally-friendly option to recycle some of what you don't need.

"Recycling is very important to me, and I love the idea of this being part of the recycling program because it emphasizes that not just paper and plastics can be reused and reutilized. Things in your house that you may not feel like have a purpose can be repurposed, " said Amy Schmidlin, a resident of Montgomery who is participating in the program.

Schmindlin, a mother of three, is happy that items she no longer needs can find a new home. She's also happy those items won't go to a landfill.

"Knowing that they will collect a number of different items, and - ideally in my mind - they would be best utilized to either be recycled or repurposed for someone else's use."

The City of Montgomery is focused on recycling textiles, shoes, and small appliances.

"Those things tend to end up in the landfill. We want to make it very easy for our citizens of Montgomery to recycle those items and divert them from the landfill," explained Mark Laskovics, the chairman of Montgomery's Environmental Advisory Commission

This program doesn't just help the environment; there are financial benefits. By using the Hamilton County Residential Recycling Incentive Program, more recycling in the city means more revenue into the city to support recycling programs.

Laskovics said, "Right now, our diversion rate is running about 25%. If we can get that up to about 30%, and we've been there in the past, we can up that remuneration to $50,000."

Whether it's getting rid of clutter in your home or just being a part of an environmental-friendly initiative, Montgomery residents have a new, free way to recycle.

"The City of Montgomery does have a culture of recycling and reusing, so the more we can recycle, reuse, repurpose, and compost, the better it is for the environment," said Laskovics.

You can learn more about Montgomery's recycling program here.

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