Science Geek Week at Krohn Conservatory teaching children, adults about science

A Family Learning About Butterflies at Krohn Conservatory

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - It's Science Geek Week at the Krohn Conservatory. Visitors have been given posters, journals, and booklets about butterflies throughout the week, and kids are being given the opportunity to color and make butterfly crafts.

"We like to make sure our visitors are educated and maybe educated in a fun way. Sometimes you don't even know you're learning something new," said Andrea Schepmann, the general manager at the Krohn Conservatory.

While Schepmann is especially happy to see females involved in science, she's pleased to see all young visitors and adults learning and gaining a new appreciation for the world around them.

"Many of these kids that come here are not going to have an opportunity to go travel to far off countries and see things like the Blue Morpho or the Birdwing butterflies. Being able to see it in your own backyard makes you understand why around the world, globally, our global initiatives are so important," said Schepmann.

Part of Science Geek Week at the Krohn Conservatory involves being a citizen scientist, and it all starts with a landing pad. It allows people that are visiting the conservatory to see whether butterflies are attracted to certain colors and certain scents.

"We want our youth to figure out is the butterfly preferring the red, blue, or yellow feeder. There's also a scratch and sniff part on here. Many of our butterflies taste with their feet, so if you scratch that, we think that the butterflies are going to be attracted to various scents," said Shepmann.

Through everything from arts and crafts to watching butterfly behavior, visitors of all ages are learning through geeking out.

Schepmann explains, "What we hope everybody learns on a daily basis here is when you come to the Conservatory, you're learning about the value of not only the trees, the plants, all of those living things that are out there, but the insects, the birds, butterflies, and bees, pollinators, and how they all play together."

While Science Geek Week is just for this week, you can still get your fill of science there through June 18th.

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