Solarize Cincy program offers incentives for installing solar panels, going green

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CINCINNATI (WKRC) - "Through the program and the tax incentives, residents can save about $6,250 off of a $15,000 installation," said Beth Robeson, the Owner of Robeson Marketing and Design.

Solarize Cincy is an initiative started a couple of years ago to encourage residents to explore the benefits of solar. While the campaign had a slow start, a local firm helped spur solar demand.

Robeson explained, "The team at the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance asked my firm, Robeson Marketing and Design, if we would be willing to create a groundswell marketing campaign to help them get the word out about Solarize Cincy."

The campaign worked, and the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance is working to keep up with 400 leads per month.

"We launched the campaign in March, and it ran for about 4 months. We were hoping to double the number of leads coming into the Solarize Cincy program, and we actually wound up with 10 times the number of leads using the groundswell marketing approach," said Robeson.

Cincinnati residents have until June 30th to go to Solarize Cincy's website and sign up for a solar energy audit.

"We'll send you this beautiful report which will tell you if your roof is a good fit for solar. If it is a good fit for solar, we can actually tell you how much the installation is likely to cost, how much energy your roof will produce over the course of a year, and we can also tell you about how much energy it will save you off of your electric bill," said Robeson.

Solarize Cincinnati customers have various reasons for installing solar panels, ranging from cost savings to an interest in making their own energy.

Montgomery resident and solar paneling customer Rodel Edjan said, "On a national, economic point of view, you also help the country because you're reducing the oil imports to our country, which is good since you produce your energy from within."

Rodel's wife Jhoanna says, "Maybe 10 out of the 12 months in a year, we don't pay any electricity bill anymore, and in the summer time - during this time - we even produce more than what we consume, so we get credits which we can apply to our gas consumption."

Clifton resident Frank Wood, who got his energy audit and solar installation done through Solarize Cincy about a year ago, said his installation is saving him money, but it's also working to save something far more valuable.

Wood said, "Just having a granddaughter starting less than a month ago, I think about her. She's going to inherit this, and I want to make sure there's a sufficient amount of energy and clear air that she'll be able to breathe."

"The advantage of installing solar panels, if you're a Cincinnati resident, is it helps with our region's energy security, it helps residents save money off of their energy bills, and it also does a lot to clean our air," said Robeson.

Whatever your reason is, solar is a great way to make a difference.

"This is our small way of making our planet great again," said Rodel Edjan.

You can learn more about the Solarize Cincy program at

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