Sycamore senior using STEM skills to build a tiny home

MONTGOMERY, Ohio (WKRC) - This is a tiny house and the creation of Allison Flavin, a Sycamore High School senior.

"When I started taking the architecture class, I started realizing how much I liked designing and building stuff to the architecture standard," said Flavin.

But Flavin didn't just make a model. She's working to build the actual house.

Flavin explained, "Someone else in the class actually mentioned, 'Why don't we build it for a second semester project?' It just kind of exploded, and now we are collecting donations, and actually ordered the trailer."

It takes math, science, and engineering skills to build the model of this tiny house, but it takes even more skill - working with people in the community and finding funding - to turn this model house into a real house.

"I'm working with a bunch of people in my class to help with the fundraising with contacts to try and get the materials that we need," said Flavin.

Deer Park Roofing is donating the home's roof and hoping to inspire students.

"We feel like if we get involved at a young age with these students, instruct them, and give them the idea that this is an option for a career, then we're doing a good job building our workforce," said R.J. Oliver of Deer Park Roofing.

Flavin's high school engineering teacher couldn't be happier.

"She has done some really good stuff. That kind of plays to her character, what she's done, and the character of kids we have here at Sycamore," said Brad Williams.

Flavin isn't just building a home for someone; she's helping to build the program that helped build her.

Flavin explained, "The ultimate goal is to build it and sell it to the highest bidder, and the proceeds will go back to our STEM program here at Sycamore."

She's also tearing down traditional walls and encouraging those like her to build a dream and career.

"I definitely like trying to get other girls involved and get them to realize what it is about. It's not just a man's field, and girls can be interested in science and mathematics just as much as guys can," said Flavin.

Flavin is accepting donations to transform her tiny house into a real house. You can donate through her gofundme page here:

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